Selection of right suppliers according to your needs and preferences

We have been dealing with well-established producers since many years and we keep scouting the markets for new sources, as knowledge of the suppliers and their production is one of our best assets.

Negotiation with suppliers to obtain the best prices and terms of payment, performance of quality spot-checks, commercial due diligence and chain of custody monitoring

We are accustomed to differentiating the approach to the suppliers and to save your money by having better leverage and negotiating power, as we deal on behalf of many customers from different countries. We perform spot quality checks and, whenever requested by our clients, we offer the additional service of monitoring suppliers’ commercial due diligence and their chain of custody for wood materials certified according to FSC ®standards.

Complete follow-up of your orders

We instruct all suppliers in writing about how to process your orders’ dispatches, down to the last detail; we keep daily contact with them to make sure they are complying correctly with the instructions and delivery deadlines given; we update you constantly with progress reports on the status of the production, delivery and shipment of your goods, replying to any request you might have as quickly as possible.

Organization of combined containers-trucks

According to your priorities, we follow up your delivery requests combining the orders for many different suppliers into single containers or trucks, avoiding you many of the extra costs such service usually generates and helping you in meeting your own clients’ expectations.

Shipment, delivery of your orders, contracting and invoicing

We determine the most efficient, fastest and cost-effective means of consolidation, shipment and delivery of each order; we make sure that your goods leave with all the documents needed to comply with your country’s customs regulations so as to ensure quick and trouble-free customs clearance; when needed, we provide the laying, assembly and packaging disposal service in accordance with your country’s laws, so to ensure safety on worksites, and we handle all the payment procedures on your behalf, whether through a global L/C opened in our name or through open payments.