Here are some of the questions new clients most frequently ask us.

Are you a manufacturers’ agent too?

No, Italcomes works exclusively in the interest of its clients, buying for them the goods produced by a vast group of suppliers we have previously scouted.

We do not accept any form of payment or commission from the suppliers but pass on all the savings to the clients.

How much do you charge?

We charge fees and commissions to be agreed upon, depending on the yearly total budget or the nature of the work.

We would be very pleased to discuss this matter having known the services required and potential total amount of orders to be placed through us.

Do you have your own catalogue?

No, we do not print a catalogue of our own, as we buy from hundreds of different suppliers, which make frequent changes. Also, we constantly look for new options, so to satisfy each client’ specific needs as promptly as possible.

Do we buy the goods directly from you?

Yes. Italcomes will place orders with the suppliers, will take care of all the shipping and follow up activities, will invoice the goods and will make sure that all the relevant documents are issued correctly and correspond to the quality and quantity.

How do we start doing business with Italcomes?

Please contact us and we would be very pleased, once we know the nature of the collaboration you seek, to work out, together with you, the best approach to start doing business.

Do you arrange mixed containers / trucks for your clients?

Yes we do. Actually this is one of the main advantages of having a buying office / contractor looking after orders which need to be combined or grouped: according to your needs, we can load goods from several suppliers onto one container or one truck, avoiding many of the extra costs.

May we need to develop a contract using certified wood, can you help us?

Yes, we can help you. Both providing a consulting service to the selected suppliers (or those we should scout on your behalf) to enable them obtaining a certification according to FSC ® standards and, then, monitoring the chain of custody the project would require.